Tuesday 31 October 2017

One Little Mistake by Emma Curtis

Vicky Seagrave leads a charmed life. Married, with three children, she is moving up in the world - a hectic, but beautiful existence. Until she makes one little mistake. The little mistake sets off a chain of events and barrage of changes that eventually threaten to destroy her life forever. 

But does it?

Perhaps it’s the title of the book (and the fact that the title includes “: The gripping ebook Bestseller”) that set me up for this. But this was more than one little mistake. There was the initial action, then the failure to be honest about it. The reasons for the failures, and also the context of the mistake. All contributed to the outcome of the story, and any change in one of these could have resulted in a different outcome. And this annoyed me.

But I kept reading. So what did I like? 

Well, the characters were great. Vicky, Tom, Amber (Vicky’s best friend), the children, Vicky’s Mom, Amber’s husband. All were well constructed. They could be part of my family. The writing was good - lots of action and dialogue that moved the story forward. And it was entertaining. The story flipped between current day and a tragic account of a foster child too - but this was also good, and I enjoyed the tension.

However, it was Vicky who undid me completely. She just seemed unwilling/unable to fight hard for anything, even if she didn't see it coming (but we all did). 

Sorry, I tried hard to like this book, but even though it was gripping, and memorable, I didn't

2 stars

ISBN:  9780552779791

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