Sunday 22 October 2017

Ten of the Best #103

Ok, now that the pressure's off, I actually want to share all those little things I found on your fascinating timelines this week. how else do I thank you for the joy they brought me?

Yesterday was a busy day - we walked the Jozi Organ Donor Walk, and I loved being in a crowd of people, all proudly wearing "I'm an Organ Donor" shirts. There are still (relative to those who need life saving organs in SA) so few of us, but it's really  good to all gather together and enjoy the beautiful morning sunshine, the noisy animals and the beautiful Jo'burg Jacarandas.

So today, I'm feeling like staying in bed. And it is a day for that. The thunder is still rolling on, after it crashed all night. My dogs - still recovering from Diwali - have had enough. I think they may pack their bags tonight if it doesn't stop. I may follow them...

For the "Must Love Dogs" and the booklovers. here's a New York Times review by Jia Tolentino - "Inside the minds of very good dogs." This writing is superb.

Something light to read. Darrell Bristow Bovey's column on his woes when attempting to get a flooring guy. Loved it, especially his conclusion.

A selfish one. I LOVE audiobooks. Especially when the narrator is good, or famous, or especially... the author. I'm currently listening to Hillary Clinton read What Happened, and even though it's 18 or so hours, I'm loving every minute. Here are 11 great narrations - I've only read 2. Yay - 9 to go. And they missed one - The Light Between Oceans, narrated by Noah Taylor was inspired, and amazing.

The Arch turned 86. Congratulations and many many more to our favourite South African. Here's a reflection, from his life on the essence of being human.

I love great photographs. Here are 21. The one to click on below for the link to the rest of them is my favourite.

This little baby is so overwhelmed at hearing Mummy's voice for the first time. Truly beautiful.

And this one's just cute - I love YOOOOOOOOU. All together now. Aaaaaah.

As Dick King Smith said on Twitter - never underestimate the fortitude, aggression and resolve of an angry guinea fowl. Click the pic for the link.

Lego finally getting it together - who wants to be a fairy princess anyway? More please, Lego. And other toymakers.

This had Wayne and me crying with laughter. Tweets from parents related to toddlers' eating habits. #2 (pictured) had a ring of truth to it.

That's my ten today, peeps. I know, some of them were very short. Here's a bonus. If you're a banker with a girlfriend and a Mercedes, and you dump her because she asks for an investment - a paltry $50k or so, watch out.

Here's last Sunday's post.

Happy rest of the weekend.


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Love love love

Unknown said...

I had fun with those videos. And they poor guys Mercedes! LOL Thanks for the grins and have a fun new week:)