Sunday 20 December 2015

The Zuma files

When I compiled my Ten of the Best yesterday, I took a policy decision to exclude the #Zumamustfall stuff, because

1.    It’s depressing
2.    We are sick of seeing it
3.    It isn’t (all) that relevant to the rest of the world.

However, I was thinking afterwards that to have a space where the best of the media on it is all in one place is not a bad idea. So here are the Zuma files. Click the pictures for the articles or clips. I’ve used quote a few Zapiro images as pictures – because he really does call the man out so well, IMO.

It all started with electing a Finance minister for (almost) a weekend…

An interesting take – to join or not to join the ANC.

Tom Eaton hasn’t signed anything. 

Wouldn’t this be good…oh to live in Tanzania! I bet that’s the first time a South African has said that!

Struggle leader tells Zuma to resign…

So does The Arch

 Eusebius asks who the ANC will vote for next year. Met Eish!

The Mail and Guardian – a good summary of the protests, mostly pictures, with a few more links. 

While privilege still polarizing our nation

And finally, the video - Juan Joya Borja, better known by his nickname “El Risitas” (“The Giggles”) I wish I understood Spanish. But it does look like the subtitles are accurate. This is hilarious. And also not.

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