Saturday 12 December 2015

Ten of the Best #25

One morning, back in June I thought, what about a collection of clips and articles for when you are sitting in bed on a Saturday morning? Your husband has brought your favourite morning beverage, and the kids are not yet awake to claim their share of slow internet. I call that a happy Saturday.

And thus began this post - now 25. Its the "best of"s - interesting articles, good songs, funny comics and clips that are worth sharing and keeping.

Got your comfy spot? Let's go. For those new here, you click on the pics for the links.

1.    And here I was, hoping there would be a break from SA – The Bad News this week. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, the $%&* in the creek solidified, the canoe sprung a leak, and it started raining. In other news, Zuma, I mean Dudu, came in like a wrecking ball.

2.    So just when you think it can’t get any worse…it doesn’t.
I loved this, and I don’t know how I missed it the first time - Kate Sidley on letting your teen protest. Don’t you think this should form part of the LO syllabus – the way things are going? 

3.    Carrying on with that topic, in the US, college education is a privilege, not a right. Eloquently put. Click the pic to watch.

4.    The Choose to Care campaign ran right up until 10th December, and raised awareness of the huge issue of abandoned babies in our country. Well done everyone. Missed it? You have to watch Dee Blackie on Maggs on Media. It’s up first, so you won’t have to watch the whole 8 or so minutes. A lovely summary of those who are doing something.

5.    Some comic and musical relief - Darth Vader covers Adele…this made me laugh.

And if you want the other hello from the other side – my daughter’s new amazing blog…check it out.....

6.    How cute was this – came up last week - John and Olivia reunited – You’re the one that I want. It is old, and I doubt they could still pull this off, but it's worth watching, if you haven't seen it. 

And while I was looking for the clip, I saw Summer nights, and can’t resist.

7.    Top books time: Everyone is doing their “best of 2015”. Here’s another. Oh look, all mine are there. Yay.

8.    Time’s person of the year…you know I’m going to do it, have a rant. Seriously? 1 out of 29 years? Half the sky? Worse, is that Times called this “award” the man of the year until 1999! From 1927. If there was any “affirmative action” in this space we should have had a woman of the year from 2000 until 2072. Or 2068, if you deduct the four women who crashed through those dark ceilings before that. Just saying. Oh, and Time - you put the wrong picture of Angela on your cover. Sorry for you.

9.    The “tis the season” post. Anne Lamott on Advent has a huge huge plot twist – and so not what you’d expect. Loved it.

10.  We will end with the Trevor Noah. If you don’t think he is funny, America, send him back, we love him here. (And we need him too.)

What I love most about Trevor is how he can’t help laughing at his own jokes. It’s so endearing. He took on ICES, I mean ISIS, this week.

It’s a pleasure. Have a great weekend.

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