Saturday 5 December 2015

Ten of the best #24

Welcome to Ten of the Best - what I found on my social media this week. Grab your coffee, and get comfortable. Hello to the weekend.

1.    Let’s start with the BIG news in SA. Oscar didn’t get off, because – gasp – he is guilty. Here’s the story. For me the defining line is this one (which I said all along, BTW, "The identity of the victim is irrelevant to his guilt," he said. Click the pic to read all about it.

2.    This is why you shouldn’t believe everything you see on Facebook. Those Life Hacks? They may just hack you back. You know what to do.

3.    What would Saturday mornings be without a feminist rant? This is about literary critics, and the sexism that goes with them. Called Goldfinching, I don’t think it’s necessarily sexist (trashing a book could be done to a male or female - I hate the practice either way) but Jennifer Weiner quotes enough examples where it is sexist, in her opinion.

4.    On the other hand, the Pirelli calendar news is good. Let’s hope.

5.    And the book post. For once, I’ve actually read not one, not two but three books that feature on a list. Amazing. But they missed Karin Slaughter. Lots of women on this list, too, just saying.

6.    Here’s the comedy clip. Adele and Jimmy Fallon sing Hello with classroom instruments. It’s not that funny, quite cute, but has its moments – when he almost bursts out laughing and when she picks up a plastic phone. The Huffington Post story on this has the wrong video link, but here’s the you tube clip.

7.    Tis the season for ho ho ho and all that. I like what Tom Eaton is doing for Christmas. Sackcloth feels more comfy this time of year.

And another one on being grinchy at Christmas.

8.    A man. Talking about women. Dangerous. Women with periods. Are you ^&*% crazy, dude? But he pulls it off. Watch the clip (at the end) instead of reading the whole thing – it’s got more in it – loved the interview with a four yo.

9.    The cats with personal space issues a couple of weeks back were cute, but I think these dogs are funny too.

10.  Now this is beautiful. Me, I’m bookmarking it, and listening to it whenever I get tired of Boney M (which has happened already). Love love love Sara McLachlan and P!NK.

It’s a pleasure. Have a great weekend.

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