Saturday 26 December 2015

The Best of the Ten

I know, I said I wouldn't do it. Blog this week. But then I thought. What about a best of the ten of the best? All the funniest posts from the year. `Which means I have left out all the serious stuff, and the newsworthy  and noteworthy. The things we want to rewatch are the funny and the musical ones.

Here’s part 1. I may do part 2 next week. Depending on how my New Year is. Who am I kidding? A good night will be that we DON’T have to take the kids anywhere to celebrate, and we all just turn in early.

If you haven't done this before, you click on the pictures to see the links/clips. Hope you find something to like.

The original comics from Huffington Post. What we love about these is that they really really REALLY get parenthood, and all its ups and downs, and conflicts and contradictions. 

Andy Grammar - Honey I’m good was such a great song. We all loved it.

Did you know cats could jump this high? My favourite cat post.

The one when 1000 musicians got together to perform a Foo Fighters song. Flipping Awesome.

Your underwhelming UK holiday photos. A personal favourite.

The things that ACTUALLY get recorded by court reporters. With straight faces. In courts of law. 

This wins a cuteness of the year award. When a five year old learns he is going to be a big brother. Too precious.

Who remembers Stickees? And this blog (with lots of swearing) about them.

Michael McIntyre is a great comedian. This clip is advertised to be about people who don’t have kids and have no idea what it’s like. Actually it’s about those of us who do have kids, and how life changes forever. It is funny. 

Remember the huge hoo-haa about all the advertising around Women’s Day? Well we loved Ellen on the BIC lady pen…

Hope you all enjoyed that as much as I did revising all the posts from the year. It was fun. Happy Holidays.

What did I leave out, that was your favourite? Leave a comment fro me, and I'll consider it for next week.

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