Friday 9 October 2015

Ten of the Best #16

How has your week been? Busy? Mine too. And I’ve had no time for much other than work and my usual commitments. So – here is the weekend, and time to catch up on all those lovely clips and articles you didn’t have time for. They are all right here. Click the pictures to follow the links and use your back button to return for more.
1.    So before Trevor Noah lost the plot earlier this week he weighed in on Trump and Zuma and other African leaders. The comparison he draws is hysterical. Warning – at 7 or so minutes, this clip is a little longer than usual.

2.    You may have guessed from previous ten of the best posts, that if you ask me “Dogs or cats?” my answer is … - well that would be saying. But if you need a clue, this 5 minute clip nearly made me change my answer.

3.    The science of happiness, from the Business Day.
I am a sucker for this stuff Being content and grateful and how it makes you happy.

4.    I also love book reviews.  Here are two in one. The first book is Disturbing the Peace by Richard Yates. It’s a fictional account of a man’s depression. The blogger then reviews Reasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig. This is one blog post, with two great reviews to check out. Makes me want to read both books. Which is just as pile is way too small.

5.    Here’s a story from Australia. It happens to be about (one of my many) favourite author(s), (Kate Morton)’s dog. The story is written by her dog-sitter. A beagle called Buddy. He sounds like a dog I’ll never want to own. 

6.    There have been some great rugby referee moments recently. Some of these refs are clearly enjoying the air time on international television. My favourite recent comment was in the Lions-W Province game last Friday (that the Lions won 62-32, in case you missed it) when the ref said “This is not a swimming pool, you can’t just dive in.”

Then there was that Nigel Owens moment after a dramatic, “soccer-like” dive from Scotland's Stuart Hogg following a very mild tackle from one of the Boks. Nigel Owens alluded to the soccer in a very witty response. Here it is.

7.    Now these are funny. Notes written by children. Honest and hilarious. You will enjoy them. Promise.

8.    I loved this article. Staying with the honesty. Things that you CAN say to a loved one with a chronic illness. We all stuff it up. So badly. But here is some practical advice. Written by someone with a chronic illness. Very useful and also thought provoking.

9.    Anyone else enjoying Hillary Clinton’s campaign? I am. She just rocks, in my view. Here is a clip with a truly memorable moment – when she says “Let me grab my pen.” Hillary the mighty, the brave, the smart one.

10.  We will end this week with people having a much worse day than you. Except the lady who was running downhill – that wasn’t worse than me – that is me. I actually do that. I started when I was in junior school, trying to win (which I clearly shouldn't do), and I still do it. Regularly. 

Have an awesome weekend, everyone.

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Wayne said...

Loved it Bev! Last vid made my day.

Bev Bouwer said...

Thank you Wayne. Yes, apart from the lady being uncannily like me, that clip is good. Funny how other people's problems make us feel better.