Saturday 3 October 2015

Ten of the best #15

This is my roundup of what happened on my social media feeds this week. Click the pictures to follow the links, and use your back button to come back for more (if you want to).

Welcome, and I hope you find something you enjoy.

1.            Where were you when Facebook crashed? “Which time?” I hear you ask. Oh dear. Who cares anyway? I seemed to have missed it completely. Clearly I am not on social media as much as my husband thinks I am.

Here are the reactions on Twitter (mostly) to when FB went down. Quite amusing. 

2.            Trevor Noah started hosting The Daily Show after John Stewart retired. Don’t you hate it when you follow a link and the note on the clip says ‘Sorry but this is not available in your region’? Drives me flipping ballistic. In this day and age, really? Why? Don’t tell me it’s not available, I will jolly well find it. It will just take me longer than if the original link was available. So really all you’re doing is wasting my time. It’s even worse when the clip is a Trevor Noah one. I mean, come on, he’s still ours, right?

Well you can all relax, I found the one that is available in our region.

3.            Now here’s one for the history buffs. I started telling my husband and teenage daughter a story. It went like this:

“Do you know that the bodies of Tsar Nicholas II and his wife were found in a different place to two of the kids?” Eyerolls all round, told me off for repeating well-known facts.
“And they are exhuming the Tsar and his wife?” Eyerolls with slight raised eyebrows too.
“They are extracting DNA, because they want to prove the identity of them and all the kids.” Ok, now I had their attention. And then my clever daughter pointed out that one of the kids had a completely different DNA to the others, and they were wondering if it was a neighbor, or maybe it wasn’t Tsar Nick’s. Oooooh. I wonder if, with all the DNA they can get now, if they can know for sure. Now there’s a story to write.

4.            This next one is the Goodreads list of all the books you should read. Go on, you know you want to check. Trouble is, it will also probably tempt you into reading more. Sorry!

5.            The health post for this week. Having cream in your coffee? That may not be such a good idea. The Huffington Post weighs in on why full fat everything is not always an excellent idea. This hot on the heels of last week’s post on why low fat milk is dangerous because of added sugars. What I don’t understand is why we can’t have low fat products without the added sugars? Anyone?

6.            Now this is seriously interesting. Lock up the grammar police, it's got nothing to do with them. But it is "Things you should never say, if you want to be taken seriously". Oh no, not more? I mean, like, to be honest, don’t you think you should read it? You may use some of them, all together in a single sentence? Please don't check this post for these, you will find some.

7.            Now for something that almost never happens, except on TV. Sometimes. It's a brother being nice to a sister. It's very quick and very cute.

8.            Now here’s something useful. I hate putting duvets in covers. I never know where to start, and I usually just start shoving, which means it takes me a LONG time to shake out, smooth down, and get the duvet looking neat. One time, I even crawled into the duvet cover to find out what was going on. Here's how you do it...  How to put a duvet inside its cover…Show the kids on laundry day, then ask them to test whether it works. They'll need to test all the duvets in the house, obviously.

9.            This is a blog I enjoyed this week. It's called Trevor Noah makes me anxious. Why on earth? Well. some of us, I mean, some people worried how he was going to be received in the US? Didn’t you? I am sure that our nation does worry about the silliest things. But the blog has more, and I enjoyed it.

10.          Whilst we are on the topic of worrying…these posts worry me. I worry for the dogs (the picture is different to the clip, I just like the picture)…

the cats (don’t watch the whole thing, nothing new happens it just goes on)…

the ipads (did you hear the scratching on that screen?), but most of all society. What is becoming of us people, that we cannot play with our pets, we need technology to do it for us? Oh dear. 

And the bonus feature this week... is not that funny, but you may find it useful. I did.

Sandton is closed to traffic for the month of October - as an experiment, to get people walking and using public transport. Sandton (for those of you who don't live here) is usually very congested with traffic. If you don't go that often, with all the construction happening, you may find yourself stuck in a gridlock that can take hours to clear. So I have been taking routes that avoid Sandton and all its surrounding areas. (I went to Fourways via Pretoria the other day.) But you don't have to. Here's a useful map. The closures are not as bad as what I thought.

Hope it's a great weekend for you.

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