Friday 30 October 2015

Ten of the best #19

Good morning all. Time for coffee and ten of the best from my social media feeds this week. Enjoy.

1. We are going to start with something happy, because here’s a spoiler – this week was serious. This clip is about police giving away 100 dollar bills. Heartwarming stuff. Click the pic.

2. We havent done cats for a while. These cats are having a chat. So cute. 

3. Titled “Mr President”, the song is performed by Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh, the son of Dali Mpofu, the Gauteng Premier candidate for the Economic Freedom Fighters . It is being watched and loved by South Africans everywhere. We all love it. I wonder why? 

4. So we think we have it bad…here’s what the U. S. of A could be in for. Soon.

5. Let’s hope that #Feesmustfall is not over yet. Students, you are the hope for our future. Here is a blog – a letter to white people and a letter to black people. It’s worth a read. 

6. We will stay serious for a while. Actually never mind serious, this is depressing. Why no one wants to invest in our backward thinking country. By Allister Sparks. 

Usually one can turn to Johnathan Jansen at times like this. Don't even bother this week. He's down too, lamenting how universities can survive without money.

7. Need to escape? Me too. Books, I tell you. Here’s another list. Of 15 books that will take you away for a while. Oh yay, more to read. 

8. Don’t fall asleep at the office. This could happen to you. 

9. Eat your hearts out Piano Guys…though I do think they could have come up with a better name than Competitive Foursome. The best thing about this is that these chicks do it in heels. I can’t even walk in heels. Respect. Also amazed that the cellist didn’t kill anyone. The girl is vicious. In a good way.

10. This last track is quite apt for this week, actually. “I’m sorry for breaking your heart” - is one of the standout lines. It’s Adele. With more music to lift the spirits. The track your teens are loving, right here. Hello.

It’s a pleasure. Have a great weekend. 

Rugby withdrawal? Here's the last SA RWC2015 anthem...

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