Friday 23 October 2015

Ten of the Best #18

Some weeks are so dull. Social media is quiet, and all you see are older clips and articles regurgitated. It’s not entertaining, and you’d be better off working, or reading a book. Other weeks, there is not much happening, but there is enough going on on our feeds that we can be diverted from the boredom. This week was abuzz – there was so much going on, and so much commentary about it all. Every conversation that struck up was alive with passion and interesting anecdotes. Here’s the best of the conversations from Twitter, Facebook and the like. Enjoy.

1. Let’s start with the rugby. I have no hope. I am proudly South African. I love the Bokke. There is just no way that the magic of the 1995 final, with the Jumbo Jet, the new united Rainbow Nation and Mandela magic will be matched by Zuma, #Feesmustfall and a wet Twickenham. I just can’t see it happening. So, by the time the game starts, I will have the green and gold on, and I will cheer wildly, but I kind of know that those mighty All Blacks are the wise bet. So – in honour of the boys coming this far, let’s have a last moment. 1995. The magic and the triumph. Think that’s as good as it gets this weekend.

2.    But it’s ok, they’re back with more. Those hilarious parenting comics that just get it right.
Say no more. Click the pic.

3.    Given my introduction, you were assured that there were a few rants coming this week. Here’s the first: Why I’m a feminist, not a humanist. It’s a blog post. It’s clear, well-written, logical, reasoned and passionate. I loved it.

4.    Continuing this theme – this article about a Twitter parody takes the things we usually say about mothers in the workplace and says them about fathers. Funny how ridiculous they sound. Strange how ridiculous they are. Come on everyone. Gender inequality is the oldest of the inequalities, yet it seems to be the one in which we have made the least progress. We can’t give up. 

5.    Ok, some light relief before the rest of the rants. Ellen and Violet. Please don’t cry. Save your tissues for that rugby.

6.    Time for a literary post. I loved this – the 50 most beautiful sentences in literature. What’s your favourite?

7.    Did you know that to play nearly all the best pop songs you only need to learn four chords on the guitar, come on – what are you waiting for? Warning - Language is not great!

8.    But the major news this week was when the students took to the streets. “Fees must fall” they cried. They were talking about university fees. And they are so right. I couldn’t decide on the best of the three articles below, so I’ve included them all under this one heading. First the background and the story behind the story. (The picture is funny too.)

Isn’t it amazing that amidst all the Nkandlas, Eskoms and other inefficiencies and abuses of power, this issue can unite us in sentiment. So I wasn’t surprised when the great JJ weighed in on the topic. Click on this screenshot (which rings so true) of a mom (who did this in her youth) advising her son on how best to protest and avoid the pitfalls of the teargas. There’s something moving about her support. She isn’t unique – there was a lot of this around this week. The article gives more light on what needs doing.

And lastly – the challenge to the corporates – time for action. I agree. 

9.    Hallelujah – this is hot off the press. Finally, we are making some progress. The VISA regulations change. Again.

10.  And lastly, the issue that ties all these together – education, feminism, elitism, privilege – I’ll stop there. It nearly got lost in the other ranting that happened this week. This is a blog (with a bit of bad language) on that Hilton photo. Why we cannot just overlook this, and why it cannot be lost in the storm of all the other issues. Education is important, and when it is clear that learning important things is not working, action must be taken, irrespective of who it is.

Ok, ranting over. Now you can have a good weekend.

This may help you de-stress – some pictures from my neighborhood – I love this time of year – isn’t it beautiful?

Link to last week.

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