Friday 16 October 2015

Ten of the best #17

Well, happy weekend everyone. And here is your social media fix - all the best stuff, together in one place. Just click the pictures for the links, and use your browser's back button to come back for more.

1.    It is Rugby World Cup Quarter Final weekend. Yay. I always enjoy the quarter finals of any sport the most – there is such good competition, and enough (4 matches) to watch. You can get your fix of good sport. It’s downhill from here, people. So in honour of the eight teams that made it through, you all need to watch…the haka from 1973. How strange is that?

2.    I know I am a bit late with this post, but it is worth a watch if you haven’t seen it. President Obama on the mass shooting. The man talks such sense, and I was mesmerized. If you don’t want to watch the clip, just read the speech on this link.

3.    While we are on the topic of guns and hunters, this is the revenge that would be oh so delightful to see in person someday for people like the dentist. Don’t you think?

4.    And now for something completely squishy. That chewing gum ad that is so soppy, so sweet, you fall in love with the ad. True dat.

5.    There are many reasons to choose the right things in life. But we don’t. We drive our cars instead of walking to the mall. We eat fast foods instead of cooking healthier options. But here are some clever people who help us make good decisions. Like choosing the stairs over the escalator…

6.    Bob Newhart – Stop it! Is old, but oh so funny. I swear this is why the older generation think all things psychological are a waste of time...

7.    The Booker prize was won this week. Not by the favourite – A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara, but by Marlon James for a story about the killing of Bob Marley. Since Hilary Mantel won with Wolf Hall and I hated the book, I have learned that this award can be as much a warning to stay away from as a recommendation. Anyone read this? What did you think?

8.    This is a funny post, but quite cleverly written. It’s on why men should not be ordained pastors. If you read it you will hear echoes of all the reasons given why certain other genders don’t qualify. How stupid, right? Right.

9.    Wondering why the post on your Facebook feed has Zuma telling the Bokke to win by eleventy five points against Wales? Here’s why. My favourite moment is when he realizes he is stuffing it up, and instead of apologizing, he tells everyone to “listen properly”. Yes Jacob, if we listened properly, you wouldn’t have made a mistake. That’s why we always listen so carefully to you. Since the shower comment.

10.  We end with a high cute factor, and amusing too, yet also a little thought-provoking. Kids on why grandparents are the best. We should all be a little more like these grandparents. It’s why they’re so loved.

Have an awesome weekend, everyone.

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