Sunday 4 October 2015

Pretty Baby by Mary Kubica

2 out of 5 stars

This book looked so very promising. The second novel by the author, I have wanted to read it because it keeps popping up on the shelves of people who like reading the same things I do.

The story sounds good. Heidi, who has had trouble having children, sees Willow and her baby at a train station, and she wants to help. After a few encounters with the two of them, she takes them in to her home, which causes no small amount of angst from her teenage daughter and husband. Rightly so.

The three narrators – Heidi, her husband, Chris, and Willow tell the story. I listened to the Audible version, and I thoroughly enjoyed the narration. The readers were different for each character, and all good. The story, plot and conclusion, not so much.

There was just not enough in it to be convincing. The change-over between points of view seemed to slow down the pace, and the back story was long and boring. There were some elements that were mildly endearing, but on the whole it was quite annoying. Especially grating was the way that Heidi was so quick to exchange new relationships for existing ones with her family that left me thoroughly disliking the woman, and questioning her sanity.

It disappointed me. Contributing to my displeasure was the fact that I listened to it with my husband on a lengthy road trip. We have shared taste in quite a few books, and his tolerance for stories that have more appeal for me than him is high. To witness his visible cringing at some parts only served to intensify my own displeasure.

As a result, maybe I’ve judged too harshly. I did expect more. And I will probably not be choosing the book for our car trips for a very long time (which is no great loss, since his choices are usually not as bad as this one).

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