Saturday 28 May 2016

Ten of the best #47

Well hello to you this morning. Thank you for joining in the fun. We're going over our social media feeds, and finding all the beauty, the funny, the interesting and the entertaining.

Get your tea/coffee/hot chocolate, cuddle up with your pet, preferably still in bed, and let's catch up on the week.

We start with some dancing. You can't photoshop dancing, can you? Because if you could, I'd wonder about this. It is too perfect. Simply amazing. It looks effortless, too, which it clearly isn't. The post I saw of this had a different (dull) music track, which annoyed me - the clue was when the music faded out completely and restarted (at around 4:45). So I did some checking, and now you can take a look at the way it was meant to be. Bravo!

The words I love to hear: "Baking is back". Here they are - the best patisseries in Joburg. Mouthwateringly alluring. Banters, eat your carbs out.

We've entered an era of "Liars, damned liars and politicians". Or, as The Guardian puts it "Post truth Politics". Well I never. You used to have to spot the lies. Now you can't see the truth for the scary hair. Chilling.

Speaking of politics, back to SA. Richard Poplak says we must lean towards the light. No, not the speeding train at the end of the tunnel. Read it yourself.

Harvard University - now they can afford to grant free education to all, because of their massive endowment fund. Here's why they don't. Interesting, in the context of #feesmustfall in SA.

Tiego Moseneke writes about his brother, Dikgang, so beautifully. Worth a read.

Annoyed easily? By noises? Pretty much everyone in my house has this condition. Except me, of course. It's called misophonia. This explains. The clip at the end is quite long, but amusing.

Aren't these beautiful. They're by Maja Wronska.

Can you believe that Blake Shelton never had sushi until this week. No, me neither. But this week, he pretended he hadn't on: "Jimmy Fallon Makes Blake Shelton Try Sushi"

In case you missed all the Chewbacca hullabaloo, there was this mom, who posted a video that went viral. This is it. Boring warning - she waffles quite a lot while she's getting the mask out of the box, and then there is a lot of laughing at the end...

And then, guess what? Of course.

Hope you enjoyed the collection.

Happy weekend all.

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