Saturday 14 May 2016

Ten of the Best #45

Hey, hey, hey. Well done. You made it to the weekend. It officially begins right here. With a dose of entertainment from social media. The ten best stories, interesting articles and entertainment items from my social media feeds this week. Because you didn't get time to read them all during the week. You were working, after all. Hope you enjoy them.

Let's start with the highly unusual. Once upon a time, an alligator came to visit. It's a cute story. Click the pic for the story

The best bad news story of the week.
Tony Leon  on "The Russian Option that every South African should fear." Click the Zapiro cartoon.

All the best places to eat in SA, updated. Some minor corrections here, from me, though - Starbucks and Krispy Kreme? Seriously? Come on Joburg, we can do better. There are lists for Durbs, Cape Town and the Winelands too. Enjoy. Oh, and BTW, no one has money left over at the end of the month...just saying.

I am so glad I had children before Facebook. I see some pictures and I think "Oh dear sweet mommy, you have not faced down an angry teenager. Will sharing that be worth it?" And now, apparently there are many many many blogs about parenting. So sharenting has become a thing. Be very careful. Good thoughts here.

From horror stories about little people to a heartwarming one featuring the elderly. Seniors can hip hop. Bravo Billie Jordan

Trevor, No-aahh. On Donald Trump's tax returns, this week. Hilarious. Kids looking for a different version of "The dog ate my homework" could learn from this. Funny thing is, you almost don't need commentary on this - you just need to watch the clips, then and now, and the hilarity is in the condemnation Donald makes on himself. #WeakDonald.

Suzette got hold of some silicone this week. Oh my word, she really did. I got quite excited when she was making new cellphone covers, as I can NEVER find one I like, but sadly, these weren't ones I like either. The clip is cute though.

I was delighted to see that Rachel Platten (Fight Song, Stand by you) has a new video. And she conducted a social experiment to film it. The song is good too.

I know I haven't shared movie trailers here. Problem is, if you don't watch TV, and never go to movies, you never know what is out there. Or you find out too late, and then have to remember to look for the DVD. Here's one you don't want to miss.

And lastly, Bono, on why Jesus was a refugee. Something I've been thinking about, of late.

That's the ten. But it's not over yet. I realised that we haven't ever ended with a joke. Why not? Ok let's. Why getting married in heaven is a bad idea.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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