Saturday 22 September 2018

Ten of the Best #134

Hey people - it's Saturday. Time for the Ten, or eleven or twelve best clips and articles from my social media feeds this week. Have fun.

This interpretative dance clip won for me this week. David Armand must have rehearsed so hard. I'm surprised they didn't interrupt him with a guess ten seconds into the song, but very glad they didn't. I can't stop watching it. There are more similar clips on Youtube, BTW. I know what I'm doing later.

A little history and backstory behind the Booker prize decisions over the years fascinated me - click the comment by the judges for the story from The Guardian. 

And in the BBC short story competition - judged blind - guess what happened?

The highlight of the Emmys was the marriage proposal...which says a lot about the Emmys.

Paddy passports are available for those fearing Brexit. And in other news, travel restrictions for minors into and out of SA are being relaxed. Come on foreigners, visit beautiful SA - it's going to be sunny till at least May, and even after that in JHB and KZN. 

The tweet is the SA news, click it for the video on the paddy passports.

Children and animals - I loved these photos, but didn't get into the comments. I fear if you do, you may not love the photos so much anymore....

The story of Jono Robinson and Bean There coffee - for those of you who don't know. 

Hadley Freeman asks whether it's acceptable to laugh at Trump's mushroom? From The Guardian, again.

Robyn, who started Faithful to Nature talks sense about stress in this, and some interesting ideas about healthy ways to cope.

If you're into following people on Twitter, Dick King-Smith is great. Here's a little clip on how to parent. By animals. Click the cute pic.

And in a similar vein - this clip cracked me up. No comment necessary.

We're on eleven, but I feel like I've cheated a bit with all the animal clips this week, so lets have one more. It's Catherine Tait. Sorry about the subtitles, it's the only version I could find.

That's it folks - have a great weekend.

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