Tuesday 20 February 2018

Yes please by Amy Poehler

When you're a stand-up comedy artist, have acted in a popular TV series, and you "take time off" to have some children, it's compulsory that you write a book, right?

This is so not that book.

Amy Poehler, of SNL and Parks and Recreation fame did do all those things - although I'm not sure about the time-off bit.

As I listened to the audiobook, which the author narrates, with a little help from Mom, Dad, Seth Myers and even Carol Burnett (and others), I initially found it a little creepy that Amy had built her own sound studio, with the express purpose of recording this audiobook. But as I continued reading, I realized that this woman oozes passion for everything she does. Whether it's coming up with a viral rap for Sarah Palin, or telling very funny, very relevant George Clooney jokes, this woman is not just invested in everything she does (the Palin skit was done within weeks of giving birth), she is also heck of a funny. If you want more, Bustle has summarised the clips here.

I dare you to read this book and not love this woman. She is feisty, fierce, vulnerable and smart. I loved all the little extras she put into the audible version, and when I picked up the written version, I was delighted to see she'd done the same - margin notes from friends, and photos and pictures galore.

I enjoyed every minute and laughed out loud every other minute. If you've got something you have been avoiding doing (like taking the hems up curtains, for instance), or a long dull road trip, this is guaranteed to make the hours fly by, and the boredom vanish.

A fabulous five stars.

ISBN: 9780062268341)

Another biography I enjoyed (narrated by the author) was Carrie Fisher's Wishful Drinking. Or what about Trevor Noah's self-narrated Born a Crime ?

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