Saturday 17 February 2018

Ten of the Best #112

Good morning all you wonderful people. What a week it's been. So much has happened in this little country at the tip of Africa, and for the first time in years, we are waking up hopeful on a Saturday morning. It's a new day, a new dawn. #Sendme. Yes, I watched (and listened to - had to do a late lift) SONA. I'm inspired.

It made me think about this, first off . Jansen's article about bad leadership, example and education. Oh, and SONA, as it turns out - I'd forgotten that. The original article is on a site that you have log into (here's the link), so if that annoys you too, click the picture below, where I've reposted it, with no annoying login requests. Don't forget to come back here to read more.

And for all of you not living in the land of the beautiful and the brave, don't despair. You too can have a new President by Friday. Or Valentine's Day, as it turned out. Hope you didn't miss the Poplak article on how it all went down (language warning). Here it is, just click the marvellous Zapiro. Hasta la vista indeed.

And the end of an error it is too. What with the corrupt government ministers looking at their job opportunities going flying down the toilet at last night's SONA, where are our comedians going to find inspiration. Sorry for them, but not sorry enough. You'll find something.

Then, across the Atlantic pond, there was this school shooting in Florida. And Trump sent "thoughts and prayers" or some version of that. And the kids got angry. I'm not sure if the words on the picture are true, but if they are, we should all take notice. Click it for the article from the Huffington Post.

And for those of you saying - well Trump's not so bad, let me say it again - you don't realize how bad it was until he is gone. We now know this. The embarrassment, the shame, the lack of leadership... but you won't listen to me. Maybe you'll listen to the kids that Jimmy Kimmel asked.

Did you all see Tali's Wedding Diary advertised? Yes, and if you think she looks more than a little familiar, she is - think Suzelle. Aah, there you go...

Speaking of weddings, I loved this Ellen on weird traditions, which I've been dying to share. So funny.

And in other happy news, The Met has put loads of art books online, for free. I haven't checked it out yet, but I'm going to.

Don't read this next article unless you've had your coffee, your meds, and I've at least cheered you up a little this morning. It's on how, even in Scandinavia,  women earn less, because they what? - yes, have children. We should just stop and let the men do that.

I know there is so much on social media about technology and social media being bad for us, and especially our teens, and I hate to requote stuff you've probably read, but I can't stop thinking about this one. It rings true, and its not a "stop all interaction, forever" kind of unrealistic article. It's titled "Tether yourself", and a lot rings true. Here's the blog.

This is what we are signing out with this week. P!nk's Beautiful Trauma. (sanitised version from the AMAs) Just because. And because I know some of you will ask, here's the original unsanitised. You be warned.

Hope you had fun, everyone. I did.

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Bev Bouwer said...

According to Snopes, the Dunblane article is true...