Sunday 11 February 2018

Ten of the Best #111

Hello and happy weekend. Hope you're enjoying it, wherever you are.

For all the faraway friends, here's an update on our water woes. Yes, Cape Town is fighting back Day Zero, but actually, we all need to be a lottle more water conscious and water wise than we have been. And that goes for these 11 cities too.  Click Zapiro for the SA story.

And Helen Moffet gives us tips on her blog on just how to save water.

Don't panic everyone - Joburg has water, and an underground station - buried deep beneath Park Station. Fabulous.

And in other news from sunny SA, Zuma is going, going, ... going, going, ... well according to ALL the experts, he's nearly gone. Like CT's water.

My favourite moment this week was when I saw this tweet from Trump. And I knew, I just knew what was coming.

But even I didn't expect this beauty in response.  Click the tweets for the fabulous story of how Elon Musk not only sent a rocket into space that is recyclable, that landed with mind bending accuracy where it was supposed to, he also sent his own car into space, playing David Bowie's Space Oddity. Love that man.

But that's not all Trump got wrong this week. Here's Seth Myers on Trump's bad hair day.

I loved everything about Ellen's take on Lady Doritos - the chips invented "for women"

Some more protests - from Russia this time. These pensioners are so right.

10 beautiful quotes from The Little Prince. I loved these.

And since Michael MacIntyre was here recently, we'll end with his (recent) clip on children - the battles.

So why are you still here? Time for one more?

Ok, since my favourite little singer was on Ellen again this week - here's Claire Ryan with Tomorrow.

Love you all, see you next weekend, or whenever.

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