Saturday 21 January 2017

Ten of the Best #76

Good morning, and welcome to the weekend. It’s here when we look back on what was shared during the week, and reflect and read, and watch clips to the end. Because it’s the weekend, you see.

On my side of the world we woke up to a new leader of the largest democracy. Of course, everyone was wondering who would be Trump’s plagiarisiee buddy in his inaugural speech (why is it that I cannot watch anything he says to the end? I get so bored) who woulda thought it would be super villain Bane from Batman? Click the pic comparing the crowds in Washington D.C. 2009 with the crowds in 2017, same time, same place...

Meanwhile, Ellen reflected on moments with Obama.

All the banned books your child should read. I enjoyed this post. 

This is a favourite. The Archbishop of Canterbury visited Auschwitz and had these comments to make. I love the photo too.

In other photographic moments, here are the best photographs, all unphotoshopped.

And this amazing video, that transcends dimensions.

The latest trends in thinking - we’ve tried to hard to be critical thinkers, we need to remember how to stop too. 

This millennial didn't like the latest Simon Sinek clip on his generation. He has a point. 

And why we shouldn't mess with nature - what happened when the wolves moved in. Beautiful. 

Tom Eaton on the real news, that no one is paying any attention to. The good stuff.

And the bonus post. I tried to resist, really I did,  because I share a lot of James Corden stuff. But I’d missed this one, and it’s really good. His take on “Ironic” with Alanis herself. It’s funny and clever.

Bye folks, see you all next week. Same time, same place.

Last week's Ten.


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