Wednesday 25 January 2017

From Whiskey to Water by Sam Cowen

Sam Cowen's part biography chronicles her fight with alcoholism, binge eating and how swimming helped her face her demons and be free.

Sam is relatively famous in SA, having appeared on TV, been part of some radio shows that were acclaimed, and her previous book "Good Enough Mother" was a favourite. She also regularly reviews books, and has admitted to driving around there block in her neighbourhood, while her young children were being taken care of by a baby sitter, pulling over in the car and finishing a book. I love her for that.

This is an honest story. Sam doesn't shy away from admitting the truth about her addictions and brokenness. That is brave. When you are a mini celebrity, it takes a little more courage. She also has a way with words, and her refreshing sense of humour and love for her family shine.

This is a thoroughly enjoyable memoir. It is short and easy to read.

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