Saturday 26 March 2016

Ten of the Best #38

Hey everyone. Welcome to the long weekend. Long weekend means it's been a short week, and you've had no time to yourself.  Time to kick back, and catch up on social media. And here's the best from my feeds this week. Hope you find something to entertain and amuse. 

So, got your wifi connection? And your coffee? Let's go.

We start with Eusebius McKaiser. On why it's not the Guptas or Zuma that are the problem, it's the corruption. So true.

Second up is the best explanation of consensual sex. Ever. Relating consent to the answer to "Would you like a cup of tea?" It's funny too. Below is the clip, but if you'd rather read the transcript, it's here.

I don't know how I missed this Tom Eaton post, and the story, last year. Shocking. You may have seen it. It's our president, and his snub of the POTUS. If you listen in your head, you can hear the explanations, the justifications, the bulldust, again. Tom calls it out.

Let's stay with Obama, shall we? So much more pleasant than some of the incumbents. Here he meets 6 year old Macey Hensley on The Ellen Show, and manages to increase his popularity, even though she is ultra cute.

This post about Trump went viral this week. And I can see why. It gets straight to the point, it’s succinct, and it clearly expresses any logical reaction to the Trump campaign. Pity that Trump’s fans are too indoctrinated to see sense. 

In SA, we really had a short week. We had a public holiday on Monday too. And scrolling through my FB posts , I came across a history lesson. The story of Sharpeville. This is why we now have Human Rights Day. It's a lovely piece.

This is a beautiful story of sacrifice during hardship, leading to redemption and celebration. I loved it.

Ok, since it has been quite a thought provoking and make you think set of clips so far, let's end with some more light hearted moments... The things people say to vegetarians. All the time. 

And since it's holy week, Dave Allen on his introduction to religion. This is a classic.

And we end, not with Suzelle's water saving tips - I just couldn't watch to the end - you can google it if you missed it, but our favourite dead terrorist, Achmed. It's Jeff Dunham. 

Have a wonderful weekend, peeps.

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