Monday 21 March 2016

Monday Motivation #7

Hey there peeps. So last week's roaring didn't go so well for me. Thought I could just brazen out a little bit of gastro, but landed up in hospital. So no running for me today.

But that doesn't mean that I can't inspire you to go. 

My inspiration this week in music was discovered when I listened to the most beautiful choral arrangement of Rachel Platten's Stand by You. (Link is below, if you want to see it).

Then I decided to watch the original, and it's beautiful. A little slow to run to, but hey - if you're moving, you're moving, right?

And I thought at the same time, I'd give a shout out to all those who've acted on the line from the song:

"if your wings are broken, borrow mine till yours can open too, cos I'm gonna stand by you."

Thanks friends and family for your love and support and for standing by me this week.

Here's the clip. Now go and exercise.

And here's the one I first saw - by our very own Drakensberg Boy's Choir. So proud. 

Have an awesome week.

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