Thursday 3 March 2016

Judas Child by Carol O'Connell

Extract from the blurb:
Two young girls disappear just before Christmas. This hasn't happened for fifteen years, since Rouge Kendall's twin sister was murdered. The killer was found, but now Rouge, twenty-five and a policeman, is forced to wonder: was he really the one? Also wondering is a former classmate named Ali Cray, a forensic psychologist with scars of her own. The pattern is the same, she says: a child called out to meet a friend. The friend is the bait, the Judas child, and is quickly killed. But the primary victim lives longer. . .until Christmas day.

This book was published in 1999. Yet it reads like a contemporary thriller. That’s because of the descriptive writing, well drawn characters and a story well ahead of its time.

The plot is full of suspense and lots of action. But where O’Connell really shines is in her portrayal of Gwen and Sadie, the little girls abducted. She nails this. The voices of these girls will stay in your head long after you’ve put this book down. Their courage and tenacity in the face of terrifying events is inspiring to watch unfold.

Look out for this book and this author – I suspect that her other novels are as good. Especially when you are in a second hand book store – this will be a far better option than the usual run of old David Baldaccis and James Pattersons, as good as they are.

A chilling and haunting 4 stars.

ISBN: 9780515125498

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