Tuesday 15 March 2016

Cometh the Hour - Jeffrey Archer

Jeffrey Archer has written another page turner of note. Famous for his inter-generational sagas, this is the sixth in a series of seven.

Cometh the Hour continues the story of the Cliftons and the Barringtons, starting with the end of a court case between Mrs. Emma Clifton (who should have a number of titles surrounding her name) and Lady Virginia Fenwick, who is no such thing.

The lives of Emma, her husband Harry, Virginia, her ex-husband Giles, Emma and Harry’s son Sebastian continue to entertain, a bit like royalty splashed in vivid colour on the pages of a Hello magazine.

King of the twist, master of the cliffhanger (at the end of nearly every change of viewpoint and at the end of every novel), and commander of the superb action packed dialogue that leaves one gasping for breath at times, Archer does not disappoint.

I am slightly relieved there is only one more book to come.

4 stars

You may also enjoy Mightier than the Sword by the same author, or start at the beginning with Only Time will tell.

Some excerpts from Cometh the Hour.

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