Friday 4 March 2016

Ten of the Best #35

1. Is it a bird, is it a plane? No, it’s our new president, I mean Finance Minister, President Pravin. This is by far the best news article I read all week. And I love the way this is written. It’s about Pravin Gordhan - a man among the mice. Click the picture for the article. And read Stephen Grootes’ take on it too, from a similar angle.

2. And here’s some more - why Zuma wants Moyane at SARS. The big cover up. 

3. It was the Oscars this week. And the Foo Fighters  decided to make a video clip about their breakup. Because everyone is doing it, apparently. This carries a language warning. 

4. Our psychopathic schools, and what we should be doing about this.  

5. Jonathan Jansen on why our universities won't survive. Except that, maybe, Pravin.  

6. And in America, they don't have Zuma, or Pravin. But maybe Trump? Here is Trump’s Fascist week. From the Knower. 

7. Now here’s a story. He sang 5 words on “the voice” and the crowd went wild! This is worth a listen. It’s the Dutch version of the show. And you know what, he doesn't just have a good voice, he is kind of easy on the eyes too. I lied, this is my favourite story. Take a deep breath.

8. This is a phenomenal musical instrument - made with 2000 marbles. Astounding.

9. Did you know that the world’s largest floating book fair is coming to Durbs… yes it is.

10. Let’s end with dogs and cats. Two short clips. Firstly dogs who cant do stairs...

And cats who don’t like eating healthily.

Hope you had fun. I did. Till next week.

Here's last week.

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