Saturday 27 May 2017

Ten of the Best #94

I can feel it. There's too much to read, to see, to enjoy. I'm going to have to be ruthless with material this week.

Welcome to the start of the weekend. It's time to grab your favourite brew, and sit for a few minutes and recap on the week. Here's the round up of the best from your timelines - that stuff you missed while doing the all important live your life thing. Zapiro was so on form.

Trump's doing a World Tour. Come on, we have to start there. Where he shoved Dusko Markovic out of the way at the Nato summit. For someone who whines that no politician in history has ever been treated worse by the media (grammar nerds -that's what he said - but I know we've stopped with that, there's too much else wrong, right?) he sure gives them a lot of material. I mean, that was him doing all these things. James Corden summarises.

Jimmy Kimmel on his holiness meeting his bigliness. Someone commented that the picture of the Trumps with the Pope looked like a bad shot of  The Addams Family. True dat.

Trevor Noah on not being able to keep up with all the news.

Meanwhile back in SA, the press has done some good work exposing the dastardly deeds  done in darkness, to paraphrase Barbara Hogan.

I thought that the next expose was brave, not just because it faced down the evil, but did so with a  personal touch. Bravo Francis Herd. Click the Zapiro pic.

RIP Roger Moore. Take a minute to read the cute story, then click on it for his best James Bond moments.

I love a good story. Here's one from Darrel Bristol-Bovey, set in Franschhoek.

Looking for good jokes? Always. Here you go. 45, to be exact.

Of course, let's not forget that Pippa Middleton got married. I loved the flowers, but it seems that every time you try to find pictures of the reception flowers, that site was taken down. Must be a deal with big bucks. Here's one sighting, but you'd better click quick, before they find it.

U2 did a surprise performance. The interview is funny too, and I love the Irish accents, but the music starts at 2.20. There is even a spot for gospel artists and a choir. Best. Version. Ever. There is so much right with this clip. I need to listen at least five times.

On that note, you can't help but have a fantastic weekend. 

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