Saturday 3 June 2017

Ten of the Best #95

Welcome to the weekend after another weird week. Here they all are - thanks to your time lines - the best things on the internet. Grab your coffee, let's go.

The anatomy of state capture by Ranjeni Munusamy summarised the news before the next set of revelations that exposed it further.

Poplak pontificates on the shame of what public healthcare has cost in Gauteng.

President Trump managed to create a ruckus, by flipping off the Italian PM - did he, didn't he? and then setting Twitter on fire with "Covfefe". Just another normal day in the life of then, right?
Click the tweet that won the internet for the story.

So of course, Trevor made this video. Of course...

A British comedy team summarises the world tour for you here. And extends a note of sympathy to the Manchester victims.

Fascinating, this. How the brain eats itself when you don't get enough sleep. I'm sleeping the whole weekend.

How choir singing boosts your mental health. This is a great post.

The story of Gift Ngoepe was everything a good story should be. I loved it.

The things women couldn't do the in the 1960s and 70s. Astounding.

Which brings us to the feminist wars. Starting with my favourite line - "You should have asked."

And if, like me, you need a little music to brighten your day, here's the bonus post. Another carpool karaoke from James Corden-featuring...Katy Perry. It's long, but you may just sing along.

Have a fabulous weekend!

Last week, in case you missed it.

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