Wednesday 10 May 2017

Dead Scared by Sharon Bolton

"Keep telling yourself it's only fiction... as you read this sensational thriller. Are you scared yet?"

That's the teaser from the blurb. And it's so accurate. Yes, even the word "sensational". Here, it fits.

I’d been avoiding Lacey Flint. I dont know why. I think maybe I was scared (dead scared - ha ha) that I’d love her too much, there’d be like 34 books int he series, and I’d lose myself in them and miss all the other wonderful book opportunities there are for me to read. Silly that.

I’ve fixed my little problem. I do love Lacey Flint. There are only 4 (sob, why so few) books in the series, and I’m going to read the first one now, and then the rest in order, like I should have done in the first place.

This is the second in the series. At Cambridge, students are committing suicide. Not abnormal, that. Just average, if you’re dealing with the usual stresses and strains of being a student. Except that, the numbers are not average, or even slightly above average, they’re off the charts. Especially for women. And the resident counsellor - psychologist Evi Oliver - believes there is something weird going on. Enter Detective Lacey Flint, an undercover student, working with Mark Joesbury. Only Lacey doesn't know the half of it.

This book is brilliant - ok, sensational. I experienced the nights, looking up at the creepy cathedral spires, cloaked in evil intent covering dastardly deeds committed by who? And how? And where? The uncovering was deeply satisfying and there was humor throughout. Sharon Bolton, you genius, I loved this. And I love it when the title of the novel is just so …well right, and then right again, and again.

An enthralling clever, dark book.

5 stars

ISBN: 9780593064153

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Unknown said...

I was thinking how much this sounds like one for me but you scared me when you mentioned so many books. Glad I caught that this has only four so far! Going to check them out now:)