Monday 12 September 2016

Be yourself

Good morning. How are you today? It's Monday again, and time to get inspired. We're getting fitter, running faster, walking further and loving life while we go.

In this weekly post, I try to find some words and some music to help us find our groove, and our inner jam, and make it a little easier.

My thoughts today are about being true to ourselves, and not trying to be who we're not. You were made to be you. Life is hard enough living it true to yourself. Who cares what other people do, and think of us? 

That's why I love this "Friends" clip, where Phoebe runs "like a cross between Kermit the frog and the six million dollar man." 

"Didn't you ever run so fast, you thought your legs would fall off? ... you know, when you  were running towards the swings in the park, or running away from Satan....the neighbour's dog?"

Lovely stuff. 

The song is similarly inspired - forget the razor, grow a mane... Ok, maybe that's pushing it too far for me, but this I can do:

"so throw your hands up to the stars, with all your heart,
its alright, its all, its alright"

It's alright, by Rubber Duc. The clip is here, the song is catchy. What? Still here? Let's go, sunshine.

Last week's motivation - Happy.

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