Saturday 9 February 2019

Ten of the Best #147

Good morning, and welcome to the Ten that's hardly ever Ten, it's usually more, because I find such interesting stuff to read and watch on your timelines, that when I finally settle in to do so, this post is the result. And even though it was the SOTU in the US and the SONA here in SA, don't worry, you won't find that here today.

Grab your brew, settle down, and click on the links, or keep scrolling if you're not interested.

Abortion was all over our timelines this week - with a bill passed that allowed late-term abortions setting fires alight across the world. This was my favourite article.

A Grammy Host is born... Love it.

I love this woman - Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Click the meme of my other favourite woman this week - Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the woman who invented the sarcastic clap at Trump's SOTU address.

Clever Brexit explanation.

Love the Scottish accents here.

Why older women will rule the world. Even science says our brains are more youthful than men's.

A brave little honey badger.

So excited that Fred Khumalo's great book - Dancing the Death Drill is hitting the stage in Scandinavia, with a South African music group supporting.

The power of words...Behrouz Boochani won a literary prize and accepted via video from Manus Island - where he has been held for 6 years. Here's the full transcript.

Here's a video put together by a thoughtful traveler -Eric Johnson - on SA. I love it, and I also visited his FB page and liked what I found there too.

Why going out with your girlfriends is good for you.

I've been reading Daniel Pink's latest book - When, and finding out about doing things that make us "synchronize" with other humans - singing being one of them. Here's another article on that exact thing. Fascinating.

Happy weekend everyone!

Missed last week's ten? Here it is.

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