Tuesday 15 August 2017

The Good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

Charlotte and Samantha Quinn live in a cabin on the edge of Pikeville with their mother. Dad is a notorious defense attorney - hardly ever home, too busy standing up for truth and justice and no respecter of persons - he'll defend anyone.

Their domesticity, as it is, is shattered one evening by an invasion of the most horrific kind. Thugs at the door, with malicious intent. Both girls take off, eventually, on foot into the woods, the thugs in pursuit. There more horrors abound, and eventually, it's over.

28 years later, and it's still not. Charlie and Sam are still scarred. Charlie has followed in Rusty Quinn's footsteps, to some extent, and Sam and Rusty now need her back in Pikesville.

There Charlie and Sam must face their ghosts, their demons and some of the self same people who are still mocking them and calling them names, Seriously.

With a name like Slaughter, Karin lives up to it in the gore department.  The body count is not for sissies, and neither are the various methods of torture.

Fortunately, to go with that is an epic plot - all over 500 pages of it were as gripping and enthralling as those that had gone before - and characters that make you want to move to Pikeville.

Sam is the impulsive, get-on-with-life, who gives a damn younger sister, and Charlie is the older, wiser, face down everything with courage person. I loved them both. Them and their not so Atticus Finch father. And the essence of a good Karin Slaughter book is these perfectly captured imperfect people. They bounce off the page with their snarky comments.

It's not often that I give a Karin Slaughter book fewer than 5 stars, and this is no exception - its jam packed with all that makes these books thoroughly enjoyable and unputdownable. even without Will Trent.

5 stars

ISBN: 9780062430267

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