Thursday 24 August 2017

Fitter Faster by Robert J Davis

I know, I know. Do we really need another book on fitness? Don't we know it all, yet? And isn't it about doing the stuff, not just knowing how to?

Yet this appealed.

You can easily see why the premise got me. I'm busy. I don't have time to exercise. Yet, because I'm busy, I need to. More than if I weren't, actually.

And the irony that when I get exceedingly busy, exercise is the one thing that goes. I don't have time, you see.

The first few chapters of this book explain why. Why cardio, why strength and resistance, why interval training and why a combination.

There's also a fair amount devoted to encouraging us and dealing with our flimsy excuses. But really, when you can get your exercise down to ten to twenty minutes a day, do it at home, with a minimum of equipment, most of those excuses pale into insignificance.

As I paged through the end of the book, where there is guidance on developing your weekly plan to get Fitter, Faster, I was enthusiastic about doing so. I did wonder if I would, though. I think that's the true test of how good a book like this is - its effect.

I'll have to come and update this blog if (when) I do follow the advice.

Since putting it down, however, my cardio has improved - I'm running nearly every day. So there is hope.

ISBN: 9780814437711

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