Sunday 13 August 2017

I know a Secret by Tess Gerritsen

Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles in their 12th adventure. And I haven’t even watched a TV episode yet. I’ll get there when I don’t have anything else to read - hahaha.

Medical Examiner Maura Isles’ scary and somewhat deranged biological mother makes an early appearance from prison in this book. You know - a “she knows what’s going to happen, because maybe she did it kind of appearance. But wait, let’s back up. A body. Cause of death not obvious, but the victim is holding her eyeballs in her hand. Yuck. You don't read Detective Jane Rizzoli and ME Maura Isles without some gory corpses. It’s part of the deal. So Jane and Maura set to work, there MUST be a case of death, and there is, and so much more. It’s also part of the deal.

As is Father Daniel - bless him and his love for Maura. Only here he isn't just the love interest, he has a  valid role to play. Will Maura call him?

Maura and Jane (her daughter now three, family dysfunctional as ever) uncover it all. There is also a doppelgänger who is certainly involved as the murders stretch to another, and possibly another. Is the doppelgänger the murderer? Maybe.

These deaths are linked back to childhoods, the Apple Tree Nursery and secrets that need to be revealed. Or maybe not?

Typical Tess - the plot races, and the ride is exhilarating. I didn't even bother to guess, I was having too much fun, and it was over too quickly.

These ladies are back with a vengeance, and who cares if the TV series ends soon, when you’ve got the books to read, and re-read.

5 stars

ISBN:  9780593072462

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