Saturday 13 May 2017

Ten of the Best #92

Happy weekend everybody. Where I am it's cold and getting colder. And that's not just all the news feeds. It's the weather. Seriously though, you guys need to cheer up a bit. Wherever I looked for inspiration, fun and laughter, music and happy days, I found Trump, SA is going down the tubes, and articles on depression and suicide. Miserable lot, aren't we?

So I cast my net wide and deep, to find the funny, and try and lift us all out of the doldrums. There was some. Trevor Noah on Trunp firing Comey was first up.

James Corden called it like this - oh well, someone had to.

When I first saw it all breaking, I thought of all the comedians rubbing their hands with glee, thinking they'd never been so lucky. Then I saw that the new SNL promo is out.

Spicey. Is. Back. aka Melissa McCarthy. Imagine my face when every single clip "Isn't allowed in your country". So what's a girl to do? Resort to twitter, that's what. Here it is. Sean feeling pretty.
Click the pic, and I hope you'll get the Twitter feed.

I don't know if this is true, or old, or just fake. It doesn't look fake. And it definitely shows who's the least cleverest of them all. No spoilers from me...

Parent tweets. These always make me cry/sigh almost as much as laugh.

And these design fails... I couldn't get past page three, but there were loads, and all good.

Some MTVAwards you may have missed...I thought some were great awards.

This is from a while ago, but it made me giggle - the Irish girl on the Graham Norton show. 

And we do need something beautiful to read. Time does not heal all wounds by Omid Safi. Sad, but true.

You know when you see there's a collection of Prince Philip's gaffes, that they're going to be gasp-worthy. From that perspective, this didn't disappoint. But from others, oh my goodness, it was so disappointing.

We've done ten, but how about some uplifting music to end with? I know, a choir. Girls. Singing Bohemian Rhapsody. Like you've never heard it before. Enjoy it. I did.

The Frensham Madrigals, everyone.

Well that's all for now. I'm signing off, wrapping up warmly and heading to the Kingsmead Book Fair today. Have a happy weekend, wherever you are.

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