Tuesday 16 May 2017

Finders Keepers by Belinda Bauer

Aaaah. Belinda Bauer doing what she does best. Children disappearing. In Exmoor. Left behind is a note. A post-it note - "You don't love her."

The guilt, shame, fear and anger felt by those so "accused" hangs over Exmoor like mist. Detective Jonas Holly must find this elusive snatcher, before another child goes. But where?

We've been here before. The scene was set in Blacklands, with the disappearance of young Stevie. Then Darkside. We know the people, and where they've come from, which makes this more fraught, more desperate, the stakes higher. And although this is a standalone, that is why you really should read those other two books first, in order.My favourite part of this book is the children. Belinda draws them so beautifully. I loved them, held them, feared for them, laughed at them as I read this book. But a word of warning - there is a dark and evil monster out there, so cruelty and horror abound. If you don't like to read that stuff, skip this, or even better, skim those parts.

I love the humour and wit dancing in every scene too. It lightens the mood and sparkles like the gold light edging the clouds.

I'm so glad I read this, and so sad I'm done with this trilogy. I loved every word.

5 stars

ISBN: 9780593066904

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