Friday 19 May 2017

How We Found You by JT Lawrence

Kate and Keke, Seth and his clever cronies are back, four years later, in Johannesburg. Now that twins Silver and Mally are creating havoc, as only four-year-olds can, it feels like a happy family living the happily-ever-after in modern, waterless Johannesburg, with healthy dinners delivered by drones, driverless cars, and bots to do the menial tasks.

Paradise in this concrete jungle? Except, well, when the kids go missing, they’re probably not playing, because there is a crazy cult that is out to get them. Or is that just a kink in Kate’s brain, tweaked from the pills she pops for her synaesthesia, PTSD, or general sense of paranoia. 

Feeling overwhelmed yet? You should be. This is a high adrenalin, wild speed car chase kind of book. And for this chick who doesn't really do futuristic (I’m really going to have to stop saying that) novels, this author is compelling me to read more than my fair share. 

Once you start reading JT Lawrence, you can’t stop. Her writing is crack, whatever the genre. It’s not just that you can’t put the current book down, it’s that you just want more, and more, and then some more. Adding to that desperation, she cheekily ends with a cliffhanger that leaves us all hanging, if not quite off a cliff, then certainly onto our seatbelts for the next part of the ride.

I love Kate, our unlikely, doesn’t-cope-with-life-and-not-ashamed-of-it heroine. I can’t wait to read more of her. If you haven't started, begin with Why You Were Taken. I’ll hazard a guess you’ll be up to date in the series by the end of a weekend.

A fab 5 stars from me.

You may also enjoy Why You Were Taken, or for a little diversion, The Underachieving Ovary, also by JT Lawrence. Or what about Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough?

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Elza Reads said...

I also enjoyed this one! Posted my review yesterday.