Saturday 6 May 2017

Ten of the Best #91

Morning all you wonderful people. I'm so glad you joined me this morning. It's time to catch up on all the stuff we couldn't se this week, because we were too busy, or supposed to be too busy. I raided all your timelines, and have rounded up the best of the week here.

Breaking news...You know it's bad when you get the news this way, from the comedians. Seriously a new health bill was passed in the US. Warning: this isn't that funny.

John Cleese is spending time in America lately. And he had this to say... 

The Pepsi ad wasn't worth sharing, it was so bad. The Heineken ad, which is kinda showing Pepsi what they should've done, is far better. Take a look. (Yes, there is s link to that other one in this, too, in case you missed that too - where have you been?)

Should this guy have lost his job? You tell me?...It started with a cartoon.

Speaking of being fired, Zuma lost his case and has to tell all of us why he did fire Pravin. Which isn't the point. The point is, he should have had a reason. That made my day on Thursday. Even more titillating is the thought that Gerrie Nel may take on Zuma too. Now there's a battle I'd love to see, I put it to you.

What is SA taking to Chelsea this year?  I love these posts.

The world's largest flute - there are only 4 of them in the world.

This is great writing - What women find in friendships, that they may not get from love. Kind of makes you want to share it with all your BFFs, right?

Sorry, there seems to be a glut of great writing this week. Here's Anne Lamott, one of my all-time heroines. On loving mercy. I couldn't not.

And the last one. Andrea Bocelli singing something unexpected, with a beautiful result.

That's my ten. Hope you had some fun. Have an awesome weekend.

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