Monday 30 May 2016

It's Monday. Time to dance

Good morning everyone. It's Monday. Hallelujah.

No really, I'm ready to go. After months of wondering if I can beat this infection and run again, I've been given a clean bill of health. So I'm taking that fine line between sickness and health and dancing on it. And it feels good.

So now we walk/run. We also stop for a cup of coffee, and have a chat - well the chatting happens the whole time, to be honest.

I feel like even though it's cool and crisp in the mornings, the sun is shining just for me - those rays of sun streaming through the reds yellows and pale greens of autumn are lighting my pathway. And the great thing about getting out and doing whatever it is you do to keep fit, is that your mind is cleared, your body is moving in time to the beat, and life feels ok again.

So our song for today can only be Panic! at the disco's Hallelujah.

All you sinners stand up, sing hallelujah (hallelujah!)
Show praise with your body
Stand up, sing hallelujah (hallelujah!)
And if you can't stop shaking, lean back
Let it move right through ya (hallelujah!)
Say your prayers [3x]

Happy running/walking/pumping. And have a great week.

Here's last week's Monday Motivation - What doesn't kill you....

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