Wednesday 18 May 2016

A Great Deliverance by Elizabeth George

Can you tell I’m having a binge? On authors from ages ago. And I have to say, I am loving it. It all started with a visit to a second hand book shop. What can I say, I found Anita Shreve, and Elizabeth George.
A friend cannot understand why I have never read Elizabeth George. It’s not like I have avoided her books, but simply never picked one up - too much else to read. This one called to me - “First in the Inspector Lynley series”. That was it.
And that was me - gone for a day. Into Kildare, Yorkshire - green, rainy, mushy. You can feel the damp mist, hear your boots squelch and hear the whiny infant wail - the legend tells that story. But the latest murder? A girl found next to her decapitated father, saying she did it and she’s not sorry.
Enter the gorgeous Inspector Lynley, fresh from a society wedding (his best friend and ex-fiancee) and DS Havers - the no-nonsense practical detective. Both are assigned to this sensitive case. She thinks it is a set up, and from day one they are pitted against each other.
It’s gruesome, gritty, real, yet also tender and warm. I thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery. A yarn of messy, broken lives woven into a fabric of immense value.
Do yourself a favour and find a rainy day on which to read this book.
4 stars
ISBN: 9780553278026
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