Tuesday 16 June 2015

5 reasons to run in winter

This morning was the third day. Of not running. I woke so early – it was still dark. I had to run. I didn’t want to. Not even flop, drop and hop worked for me today. (That is a routine I learned from a friend on Facebook, it’s brilliant) I had tea. I was reading. Not going to run. So I thought I’d post an encouragement to all of you struggling with the same thing. Five reasons we should run in winter.

We all eat too much in winter. How many different carbs did you have for dinner last night? How much red wine? And what about dessert? If you’re anything like me– the answers to those questions are five, too much and are you really asking that question, please don’t ask me that question. I rest my case - that’s exactly why we should be running – we ate too much last night.

On the way to school, me in my unattractive running gear, no make-up on and looking at the frost on the grass pavement, I moaned about the cold. One of my daughters commented: “So don’t run then. It’s way too cold. Why do you run when it’s cold?” I had to dig deep. Why would anyone run when it’s cold? I thought my answer was pure genius. “I run, I get cold, but then my bath…there is nothing like a warm bath after a run on a cold day. It’s divine.” She rolled her eyes and raised her eyebrows at the same time.
We run to get cold, so we can relax in a hot shower or bath afterwards. Look through to the warm bath, people.

Looking through not working for you? Well in Johannesburg, we have these gorgeous clear, sunny mornings to run in. And once you have forced your body to get up, get dressed, and start moving, at some stage, it is glorious. The sun on your back, no wind to slow you down, and that coolness of the air that means you don’t get too hot. Aah, the feeling.

Running is good for your brain. This is true. I am going to write more about this, but for now, don’t argue with me -you know it’s true. If you have personal problems, you can figure things out better during a run. Also work issues - any issues really. You think more clearly while you run, and afterwards. Oh, and you will sleep better too, but we won’t count that as a separate reason. Your brain likes you to exercise.

Still not convinced? Here’s the clincher. You get extra points for running in winter – from your friends who see you. And when you run in winter, the calories burn faster, the fitness peaks earlier and you will run further. Don’t believe me? Here’s a thought - if, because you believe this, it makes you go for a run when you weren’t going to, then it is true for you…you will burn more calories, got more fit and run further, just because you ran, when you weren’t going to…Think about it.

Ok, I’m going for my run now. You should too.

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