Friday 9 March 2018

Ten of the best #114

Hello friends, it's Saturday morning and time for the catch up of the week. I love to do this on a Friday - it's always the most interesting day on social media feeds (also has become one of my only days on social media...) and there is so much to see and read, that I can't keep up So I save my faves and then put ten of them here, for us all to enjoy.

We're starting with the local news today - South Africa has a new President and the President has a new cabinet, and Malusi Gigaba - well, he has a new suit, sort of. Here's what is worrying him these days, c/o Tom Eaton. Click the Zapiro for the article.

Meanwhile across that cold blue pond, it was the Oscars, and of course, Trump tweeted about that. Jimmy Kimmel responded though...

We had the joy of seeing The Colour Purple at the Joburg Theatre last week, and what a night of entertainment it was. From the amazing cast, to the rousing musical performances, to the totally involved and enthusiastic (and young and diverse) audience - the whole evening was a complete treat. And the better news is, although it's over now, it's coming back in August. Here's the trailer.

And what's on in New York? Hamilton, of course. Lin-Manuel Miranda, Weird Al Yankovic and Jimmy Fallon got together to do this amazing "polka mash up" of some of the showstoppers. (Actually, Weird Al does a full 5m version, which you can find here.) It's great, but it's not available in our country (don't you love it when they do that - like we can't find it anywhere...) Well, one of my friends had it on her FB feed, and it's not banned there. Enjoy.

I loved this Brainpickings article - Anne Lamott on writing - "Bird by Bird". Beautiful.

Where have all the cuddles gone? This article in The Guardian claims we're not better off without them. I agree.

And my favourite - the "Guess the author from one paragraph" game. Except I only got 4/6. And it really wasn't that difficult. Click the handy infographic to play. I'm sure you'll do better than 4.

This was doing the rounds a few weeks ago - the merging statues in Georgia. It's lovely art.

In more natural news, this wildlife enthusiast unpacks why no one should be petting wild animals. Amen. Loved the humour too.

And while we're on the cute, these subtitles had me roaring.

Well, that's the Ten for the week.

Here's the last one.

And some more...

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