Tuesday 13 March 2018

Mistress of Rome by Kate Quinn

Thea, the slave girl, is our protagonist. She lives in Rome in A.D. 81, and is a slave to the cruel heiress Lepida Pollia, who wants it all - fame, fortune, love, passion and popularity. Lepida is on the way towards achieving these ignoble aims. Except for one thing that she has her heart set on - gorgeous gladiator, Arius the Barbarian. He only has eyes for Thea.

Lepida Pollia moves on, marries a nobleman, and Thea manages to work herself out of the unfortunate position she was in - using her musical and many other talents. She eventually catches the eye of the Emperor of Rome. Of course, by now, Lepida wants him too.

Why is everything in Rome more passionate, more cruel, more intense than real life? Well it just is. the injustice is worse, the intrigue is deeper. It's all just ....more than everywhere else.

Everything about this book oozed that life and intensity of passion. Even the darkness (and there were some ugly moments - sensitive readers beware) was darker.

This is historical fiction at its finest. Every character is artfully drawn; the plot races like episodes of a TV series, and you will find yourself, like me, completely addicted to turning pages.

Author Kate Quinn has written four books in this series, two in another about the Italian Renaissance and recently "The Alice Network". I will read them all.

I particularly enjoyed this one.

5 unreserved stars

ISBN: 9780755357932
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