Saturday 28 November 2015

Ten of the Best #23

Just as well I keep track of these posts weekly. There is no way I would remember if this was number 22 or 23 this week. It's been that bad.

But now it's time to sit back, enjoy the amazing speed that wifi on the weekend brings - first thing on a Saturday before the watch-everything-online-teenagers awake from their slumber and ruin our social media binge. The ten of the best from my social media feeds this week.

1. Why why why do people still do this? Why can women not be recognized for their abilities and achievements? I fear that we have become so used to this, that we don’t even protest anymore, and the more this becomes the norm, the worse it is. For everybody. Men too. So wrong. Click the pic for the video link.

2. Another discrimination story. All the way from Santa Monica, California. 

3. Time for comic relief. It shouldn’t be funny, but it is. Hand-over-your-mouth-giggle funny. The lies we tell our children. You know you may not have said those actual words, but you’ve come close. Come on, don’t lie now…

4. Once upon a time there was a golden retriever who failed an obedience test. This dog has owner-trust issues – clearly the treats for obedience are not as good as the immediate gratification on the way! 

5. I love that Love Books is famous. It’s down the road. And its recommended by the New York Times. Come on all you guys from the US of A, time for a visit. Not just to see the wildlife.

6. Moving on neatly to the “Get your English right post”. Don’t make these mistakes – mistakes that make smart people look dumb. Heaven forbid.

7. The WSJ weighed in on what 2050 will look like. This is a series of essays and interviews. I haven’t read them all. Going to do that as soon as I’ve put this post up, but it looks fascinating:

8. The blog post of the week is from Tom Eaton. Sobering to think about Paris and compare it to SA in these terms – We’ve already been hit.

9. And while we’re contemplating, this month is World Adoption Month, and my friend wrote a gut-wrenching article. It’s called “Gone without a trace- the shocking fate of South Africa’s abandoned children.” Have a weep.

Help raise awareness – there is a major campaign on abandonment this week. Here’s the link to the petition, and a story on the campaign when you click the pic.

10. Lastly, Thanksgiving. I think all countries should abandon Black Friday and adopt just Thanksgiving instead. (I know they are linked…but I can dream). We never had Black Friday in our country, but it has hit with a vengeance. To the extent that Uber rides were triple normal prices yesterday. No people. Don’t let it happen. Thanksgiving is about being together. At home. Being thankful about what you have. And it isn’t stuff. I sense another blog post coming…Here is Anne Lamott. Count your blessings.

And on that note, thank you for being here this week. Have a great weekend.

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