Saturday 21 November 2015

Ten of the Best #22

The end of the year approaches with that sense of tsunami – why does everyone wait until mid-November to decide to find things they just have to do before the end of the year, and then ask for my help? We run around like blue-arsed flies, and there is no time to do anything that we love to do. Only then, in a few weeks, we'll be completely bored, because everyone and thing has closed for the holidays, and there is now nothing to do.

Here’s an intermission in the madness that is end of November. The ten best things I saw on my social media feeds this week. Thanks friends. I couldn’t keep up. But now it’s time to put my feet up, and catch up with what’s up.

1. Anybody love Obama as much as I do? I just can’t understand why Americans criticize him so much, when he says such great nation-building, true things. I still have the sound of his anti-guns speech ringing in my head, and now he says this. Click the pic for the story.

2. And in case you were wondering why Liam Neeson looked so gaunt…I know, me neither.

3. Let's get the serious stuff over with for the weekend, shall we?

We all seem to be in mourning for the world. These are my sentiments exactly. 

And these...


4. I live in South Africa. We have also done a lot of sadness and grief in our time. One of our own, 
Allister Sparks, weighs in on the global situation. I wonder - possibility or pie in the sky?

5. Did they, or didn't they? Two people who look like Jimmy Fallon and Jennifer Lawrence tell us to "Come dance with us". This is what the real two people think of it. Or is that someone pretending to be them too? You never know these days. Anyhoo, this clip is funny. "Check the door." I'm done.

More pretending. This one's cute. Boys pretending to be syncronized swimmers. I hope they won their talent competition.

7. Sorry, one more seriously depressing article. On South Africa's future. Oh dear. Maybe save this for when you have had a glass of wine.

8. Here's the book post - two of my favourite things - books, and underrated books. Don't you LOVE finding books that no one has raved about that are blooming fantastic? Well chances are, if no one's heard of them, you haven't either, right? So actually, this is just a list that most of which, you're not likely to know, but they are good. I've read two on the list, and I have to agree they were good. I'm going to look out for the others.

9. The dog or cat post is also becoming a bit of a thing. Here's some funny pictures of cats who don't get the personal space rule. 

10. The best for last. The Bloggess. You know how I love to read blog posts. this is Jenny Lawson. She is crazy-funny. This has a language warning. Please don't read it if you are easily offended. Ok, slow down, slow down, it's not going anywhere. Enjoy.

Thanks to all my friends this week, who found these for me. You know who you are.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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