Friday 13 November 2015

Ten of the Best #21

1.     This is unbelievable. There’s this guy who one day decides to make a musical instrument out of a carrot. Watch and learn.

2.    Jennifer Lawrence’s feminist rant is good. It’s honest, and she doesn’t pretend that she has real people problems. I like that about her. The lack of pretense thing. Click the pic.

3.    Did you know that it was redhead day recently? Well here are some redhead fun facts. We all know one/have one in our family. I love the dog in this picture – also a redhead. You know what to do.

4.    Trevor Noah went for an emergency appendectomy, so he took the opportunity to have a go at the form-filling American culture. It was funny.

5.    Did you know that Sticky notes (Post it notes) are the classic failed invention? Spencer Silver was trying to invent the strongest glue ever, and he got the stuff that is used to make sticky notes. Strong? No. Fail. But then later, Arthur, another scientist was frustrated because his place markers on his choir sheets kept falling out. The solution? Use that failed  glue to stick the markers to the hymnal, without damaging it. Now Charles Hutton, because he’s bored, draws diagrams on these notes, and we all relate. A story of a failure and a procrastinator that goes viral.

6.    It was world adoption day this week. But it’s still world adoption month. Here’s a great blog post that has loads of amazing articles about adoption. 

If you’d like to do more, here’s a you tube clip. You can make babies. It’s part of the campaign to raise awareness for abandoned babies. Imagine how cool you will sound when you tell your friends you need to go home to make babies. I’m going to. Join me.

7.    I’m from the generation that didn’t like cover versions. The original was always best. No one got it completely right like that. These days, I don’t think that’s so true anymore. Even the remakes of the songs I loved seem to have improved with the remaking. Here’s a cover of an only-just-released song. It’s Adele’s “Hello”. Quite brave to cover that. What do you think?

8.    Anyone out there who’ll admit to loving Enid Blyton. Ok, I know the stories are not PC, but who hates The Faraway Tree? Do you think they can make the movie? They’re going to try. Read about it by clicking the picture.

9.    What would this post be without a book post. Here it is. The most loved books, and you get to click the ones you’ve read, and see if you’ve read more than they think you have. What’s your score? Mine was 35.

10.  This is so good. It’s sort of a puppet show. What’s amazing is how she creates a character, From a foot.

Have a great weekend.

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