Friday 25 September 2015

Ten of the Best #14

1.    A very funny gaffe. And no, she didn’t actually die laughing (had me there, for a second). I didn't know that The Huffington Post can also make jokes. Seriously. This is adult content, everyone. Click on the picture for the article,

2.    A teacher gives tips to other teachers on how to deal with the One Direction split. This is hilarious, from a blogger named Fran, who is very funny, if you have my sense of humour. If you have the time, read some of her other stuff. This was my favourite though, I loved it. Click the picture.

3. What do you make of this? “In countries that had recently undergone intense collective experiences, such as the overthrow of an odious regime, a paradox arose. Those left behind by economic growth were largely content with the new order, at least at first. Those whose fortunes rose, in contrast, soon grew angry.” It’s from Jonny Steinberg. He wrote a brilliant article on “the rise of the anger of the poor.” Read it here.

4.    The other Jonathan - the great Jonathan Jansen said this week:”Be better than us, your parents - if your generation cannot make this society normal, we‘re screwed.” So true. Again. Here’s the whole thing.

5.   Staying with the news. We have a famous ballerina in our midst. Bravo. And of course, there's a granny who isn't surprised. She knew he could do it. Amazing what you can achieve when someone believes in you.

6.   And just when you thought you knew what was going on with health issues...for all those Discovery members who religiously drink low fat milk products, because you score better in your annual health assessments. You shouldn't. Gasp, Whyever not? The added sugars. Sigh. Not again.

7.    And now for something completely different...there is a new song that has been released. It's called "Beautiful". The song is from a new musical, set in Uganda, called Invisible Thread. I really enjoyed the music. What do you think? Click the picture for some press about the musical and a link to the song, or

Below is the song video clip.

8.    Are you nuts about Dr. Seuss? I am, Sam. Yes Sam, I am.  Here are some quotes and pictures for you.

9.    It was Heritage Day in SA this week. In fact it’s heritage day in SA the whole weekend. If you, like me, are not really sure how you would dress to go to a Heritage Day party, i.e. the question of whose heritage you would adopt gives you the heebie jeebies, you may enjoy this. It’s from and about all the Africans. It’s Freshly Ground, home grown and so nostalgic. Don’t Leave me. Lyrics are good too.

10. Staying with the music. Well, depending on whose opinion you trust... The New 007 theme "Writing’s on the Wall" has mixed reviews. See some twitter reaction here… click the pic for more.

Sam I am, not 007
But you should judge for yourself. If you click on the pic to the left, there's some background on Sam Smith (who performs it), and Spectre and the (in)famous song. My opinion? Well it's definitely not Adele.

Last week's Ten of the Best.

Happy weekend everyone!

Before you go, let me know in the comments, which one you enjoyed this week. And also, yay or nay for the new James Bond theme?


Unknown said...

Been awake since 4 so I read your blogs. Just love it, especially the books. Sending lots of love and healing prayers xxx

Bev Bouwer said...

Oh dear. Well at least you had something to read. Healing prayers would be so appreciated. Back for more tests today.