Saturday 5 September 2015

Ten of the best #11

I was thinking of stopping after Ten of the best #10. You know, it seemed like a "right thing to do". Ten posts of "Ten of the best". But there was such good stuff on my Twitter feed and Facebook page, I was completely spoilt for choice, So here it is - the best of social media last week. Hope you find something to make you think, or make you smile. If you are new to this, you just click on the pictures, and you will go to the links. Use your back button on your browser to come back.

1. I walked into a friend’s house the other day, and on the kitchen counter, suctioned to the granite tops, were these colourful little blobs, sorted by type. They looked like morphed counters from the game “Risk”, but I itched to touch them and move them around and play with them. If you’re a parent of small kids you’re going “Stikeez, silly idiot”, and you would be right. This mom doesn’t like them. At all. And she swears a lot, so this post has a PG warning.

2. Lisa Kudrow got up on stage with Taylor Swift at her concert. Guess what they sang? Yes – SMELLY CAT. If I lost you at Lisa Kudrow, don’t bother. Except that there were loads of clips that fans uploaded, capturing the moment. Unfortunately they were all so shaky and wobbly, it was hard to tell that it was the two of them and even harder to hear above the screaming. I searched far and wide for this quality clip, people. 

3. The great Oliver Sacks died last Sunday.

This article gives a very brief description of who he was, if you don’t know, and some links to the things he said. 

4. The Monty Python annoying peasant clip is doing the rounds again. I loved it. It is very Monty Python, very funny, full of great language and still relevant… 

5. It was PKD awareness day on Thursday this week. PKD is Polycystic Kidney Disease. I know this, because my sister has PKD, and needs a kidney transplant. This article was heartwarming – how a stranger decided to donate a kidney. 

6. David Moseley’s mildly amusing column on why Cape Town should vote ANC, except they probably shouldn’t. 

7. Are you doing the 21 day sugar and bread detox? Why not? If you are, you are probably needing some inspiration right about now. My friend, Natalie is doing it, and blogging about it. She is funny, and real, and you will relate to her stuff. Here you go. 

8. There are some articles on health that are just lies, and stupid, and if you check them out, you know that they cannot be true. Just imagine telling your doctor that cayenne pepper will bring your blood pressure down, you don’t need the medication. Right? This one though, you should just believe, and please don’t tell your doctor I told you that red wine makes you lose weight. Just believe, people. I do.

9. Ok, this is sentimental and gushy. Watch it if you like those clips that remind us that we are often too hard on ourselves and that there are those in our lives who love us and think we’re amazing. It is a good one.

10. The National Geographic-type clip, except it isn’t, it’s a BBC-made one. It’s Mobula Rays (that’s what Google told me after my husband said they were kites – he also says the clip is very old and can’t believe I haven’t seen it before) leaping out of the sea and crashing down, flat into it. Amazing that they don’t dive neatly back. I was fascinated. PS They look like kites, and you know he will deny this story if you ask, so don’t bother. 

Have a great weekend everyone.

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nataliesimmons said...

Thanks for sharing my blog Bev, although I suspect you did it to force me to stay on this bloody diet!

Bev Bouwer said...

I love your blog, Natalie. I love reading stuff I can relate to. How many days to go? I feel your pain (although I can say that having just eaten a buttery piece of toast 5 minutes ago...) because I too have been there. Count those days down. This too will pass.