Sunday 20 September 2015

Broken Promise by Linwood Barclay

4 out of 5 stars

The story, set in Promise Falls, starts as David, recently widowed, has moved back in with his parents. He is struggling to make ends meet and care for his young son. David is a reporter and, with no work, his mother asks him to take a meal to his cousin, Marla. Marla, a young single woman, is also going through a hard time, having lost a baby. David is therefore surprised when there is blood on the door handle, and a baby in her house. He is quickly drawn in to help solve this, and the darker mystery that unfolds.

Things are busy for Detective Barry Duckworth in Promise Falls,There are 23 dead squirrels, discovered by Findlay, a man with a checquered past, who wants to run for the office of mayor, again. And there seems to be a would-be rapist stalking women at Thackeray College. Lots of crimes and characters in this small town.

This was my first Linwood Barclay. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Detailed plotting, lots of interesting people, and a story that kept me reading through the night. It is the first in a series. The twists were interesting, and kept me guessing. I loved the way the book kept racing forward, with the past effortlessly filled by details quickly explained. Since there are two more books in the series, don't expect a full resolution at the end. There were a few too many threads left dangling for me. Will I read the others? Hell yes.

ISBN: 9780451472670

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