Saturday 11 July 2015

Ten of the best #4

Hey there. I know this is a bit later than usual. Sorry, but you still have most of the weekend to read, with decent wifi speed, the best of the net this week, from my perspective. If you’ve seen it before, keep scrolling. Hopefully there is something for everyone. If there is a picture, you can click it to link through to the article/clip. Then use your back button on your browser to return.

Good internet connection - check. Enough sustenance - check. Earphones/no one in earshot - check. Let's go.

1 The serious thing on my mind is the health issue this week. Read here what happened when Damon Gameau went from being healthy to eating 40 tsp of sugar per day – without actually having to have a spoon of sugar – all was in the “normal” (ironically usually the “fat free”) stuff we eat.

2. Donald Trump had a week worse than yours. Even than mine. I find this therapeutic. Better than watching him fire people, anyway.

3. Something old – it was posted in 2012. It’s message from the queen to the citizens of the USA. It’s doing the rounds again. I found it funny. You must read the whole thing, if you choose to.

4. Nothing to click here. The funny is the pic.Thanks Deirdre for this one. Made me giggle.

5. This is beautiful. I had to look a while to get it. Glad I did. Read the article if you click the pic.

6. Are you riding the 94.7 this year? Why not ride for a cause? Like  the Paediatric Burns Unit - Baragwanath Intensive Care. For R1000 you get a cycling shirt, A START TIME BEFORE 8:30am, and you assist the Burns Unit. Contact Lyndsay Barr on 083 767 3988 or email

7. I’ve been off sick a lot this week. So I’ve seen some magic Wimbledon moments – the best one was in the match between Djokovic and Kevin Anderson. 

The polite voice of the umpire called out -  “Mr Djokovic is challenging the point”. This is after a second serve from Anderson was called out, giving Djoko the point. “No way, says Djoko, I’d be mad to challenge that.” He's right, the point went to him. The crowd erupts with laughter. But Anderson saw that Djoko had, in fact, raised his racquet, and challenged the point. Guess what? The ball was in. Anderson got the point. Djoko got the match. And I was glad. What a sportsman!
Isn’t this an interesting stat, now that the semifinals are over?

8. EL James’ promoters made the horrible mistake of creating a Twitter hashtag - #AskELJames, for Tweeters to pose questions that she would answer. Everyone was completely unprepared for what unfurled. The Tweeters had good questions. And clearly they don't think much of the 50 shades author trying to make more money from her latest retelling. I like this one.

And this one – I swear when I read it aloud to my husband, he actually tried. To widen his eyebrows. If you click the pic, there is a link to the worst questions. Else just search on Twitter for #AskELJames

9 I didn’t even know about this man. Nicholas Winton. He died aged 106 last week. He saved many holocaust children. This is heartwarming. The second video clip in the article is especially worth watching – it's only two minutes.

10  Let’s end with something a bit positive on SA. There are few enough articles these days, we all know. Entitled “When judges said “enough” to the ANC” by Stephen Grootes. Great article.

Great weekend everyone. Have some strawberries and cream for me.

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