Saturday 26 January 2019

Ten of the Best #145

How lovely to wake up on a Saturday and see the trend on Twitter is #TrumpCaves? This was my favourite GIF...

And you can click the cartoon for the story.

Now this is the kind of story we need right now. Thank you Seth Myers.

And another... Dad dresses up with his son to perform, and perform they do.

This was a story this week - how the conservative media "spun" the standoff between Nathan Phillips and Nick Sandmann. Scary stuff.

Bill Bailey on minor keys and why he loves them. Especially for anthems. Quite fitting for the US right now.

From assymetrical jeans to shell jewellery, Fashion Critical shares the 10 trends that are making her swear. A lot.

Another week, another choir performance - Kearnsey College this time, at the World Choir Games. And yes, the video does just cut out at 13.27.

Sleep over at a library? In Wales? Don't mind if I do.

And this ad - apparently it's doing the rounds AGAIN. I must've missed it before....

And we're still seeing the best books of 2018 posts - I quite liked this one, bookmarking it - there are a number on here I haven't read yet...

That's our Ten from your timelines this week, peeps. Hope you've enjoyed catching up the week. Happy weekend.

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